May 12, 2019: Destiny!

Text: Romans 8:29

A popular teaching today is that God has a specific "destiny" for each of us in the here-and-now which, generally, includes material wealth and is sometimes birthed through financial contributions to the one preaching the message ;-) Though an entire theology has been created around the word destiny, curiously one will not find this word in the New Testament. The New Testament does indeed have much to say about our destiny (or, final destination) but it differs from the popular message offered today. It is on virtually every page of the New Testament and points us to an inheritance, laid up in heaven for us, and brings hope, joy, strength, encouragement, and perspective. 

This message is borne out of the command to Titus to teach that which accords with sound doctrine. There are a few topics such as this I'll be preaching on flowing out of our Titus series, as these false teachings can cause great heartache when believers buy into them. This one seemed apt for Mother's Day, because it gives us something concrete to raise our children towards (and, what to avoid).