The History of Derwood Bible Church

Here are some highlights of nearly a century's worth of faithfully loving God and people:

February 17, 1917

Rev. William B. Waters became the pastor for the church in Derwood, MD. Mr. Waters was a salesman for the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey. He was saved on September 25, 1915 under the preaching of Gypsy Smith, the English evangelist, at the age of 39.

August 31, 1919

The work of the church was turned over to Brother Wolling when Rev. Waters went into full-time evangelistic work.

July 24, 1919

Derwood Church was incorporated as "The Derwood M.E. Church, South."

February 15, 1928

Rev. William B. Waters accepts work as pastor for the second time

February 27, 1928

The old church building is torn down and a new building called "Faith Chapel" is built. The small wooden, white building still stands in historic Derwood, less than a mile from the current church offices.

March 24, 1942

The church was incorporated as an independant church.

July 16, 1942

Grace Methodist Church in Gaithersburg, MD, sold the Derwood Church of Derwood, MD, for $1.00 to Rev. William Waters

June 21, 1944

Rev. Waters was admitted to the hospital for poor health

February 1959

Rev. Homer Heater, who later became the president of Washington Bible College and Capitol Bible Seminary in Lanham, MD, filled the pulpit until May 1959 at which time he was called to be the pastor.


A new annex was completed with 6 classrooms

August 1962

The name of "Derwood Church of Montgomery County" was changed to "Derwood Bible Church."


The main church building was completed


Rev. Ronald Klein accepted the pulpit at Derwood Church


Rev. Michael Reed accepted the pulpit at Derwood Church


Rev. Gary C. Stefanski accepted the pulpit at Derwood Bible Church


Rev. Steven J. Pettit became the Senior Pastor at Derwood Bible Church and served in that capacity for 20 years.


Rev. Douglas Sweigert became the Youth Pastor.


Theresa Hesch was hired as a family/women's counselor.


Timothy J. Ripley was hired as the Worship Arts Director.


The DBC congregation voted to shift to an elder-led body.


Pastor Doug begins teaching at Mt. Airy Christian Academy and DBC hires John Long as Pastor of Youth.

August 2001

Scott Chopas is hired as Pastor of Evangelism & Discipleship

May 2005

DBC purchases 225 acres in Laytonsville from Damascus Road Community Church; after the Montgomery County Council determined we were disallowed to build the facility we desired on this land, we sold it to Rupert Nurseries.

May 2005

Hjarman Cordero joins the staff as our Multi-Cultural Pastor

June 2005

Todd Heishman is hired as Pastor of Operations

June 2006

Rev. Colin Seager is hired as an Associate Pastor

September 2006

Liz Tauber is hired as part-time Director of Women's Ministries

October 2006

Dr. Pete Theodore is hired as DBC's Senior Pastor

April 2008

Rev. Colin Seager becomes DBC's Senior Pastor

December 2008

Mike Speer is hired as Pastor of Student Ministries

October 2009

Pastor of Operations Todd Heishman leaves DBC to become the Senior Pastor of Fredericktowne Baptist Church