Friday, September 20, 6:30 PM.  Men's event with Dan Bryant. He'll talk about his translation work and daily life in Senegal. A focus of the Men's Ministry this year is viewing our vocational work the way God does. Pizza provided.   Saturday, September 21, 9 AM.  Women's event with Ginny Bryant - she'll share about her daily life and how discipleship is a big part of that. Breakfast provided!   Saturday, September 21, 5:30 PM.  Missions Banquet featuring great food, the Bryants, and our own Dr. Minako Wilkinson (local ministry to Japanese nationals) and Katie Odey (sickle cell clinic in Nigeria). 10 years and up are welcome in the banquet (all children are welcome if they can sit and listen) for others child care will be provided. Cost: $10/adult, $5/child (cap $25/family).  Sign up for the banquet  here.

Friday, September 20, 6:30 PM. Men's event with Dan Bryant. He'll talk about his translation work and daily life in Senegal. A focus of the Men's Ministry this year is viewing our vocational work the way God does. Pizza provided.

Saturday, September 21, 9 AM. Women's event with Ginny Bryant - she'll share about her daily life and how discipleship is a big part of that. Breakfast provided!

Saturday, September 21, 5:30 PM. Missions Banquet featuring great food, the Bryants, and our own Dr. Minako Wilkinson (local ministry to Japanese nationals) and Katie Odey (sickle cell clinic in Nigeria). 10 years and up are welcome in the banquet (all children are welcome if they can sit and listen) for others child care will be provided. Cost: $10/adult, $5/child (cap $25/family).

Sign up for the banquet here.

Our Global Partners

 "Therefore go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."

Matthew 28:19-20

David & Cindy B.:  Asia Minor

Since 1993, David & Cindy have been serving the Lord through evangelism and church planting in Asia Minor.  They desire to develop a business platform that will help further the ministry of making Christ known to the least-reached areas of Asia Minor. We so appreciate Dave & Cindy's love for the people of Asia Minor and are honored to support this faithful couple.

 "'You are my witness,' declares the Lord, 'and my servent whom i have chosen, so that you may know and believe me and understand that i am he. Before me no god was formed, nor will there be after me.'"

Isaiah 43:10


Dan & Ginny Bryant:  Senegal

Bryant Family 6.19.jpg

The Bryants served the Lord in Guinea, West Africa for many years and have shifted their location to Senegal. They continue to learn the Landuma language and culture, translate Scripture into their language, reach out with the Gospel, and, encourage the faith of the relatively few believers in this area. What a privilege to partner with the Bryants, who have distinguished themselves in their faithful laboring for the Gospel.

"Let the peoples praise you, O God; let all the nations praise you!"

Psalm 67:3

Michael & Cheryl Gayle:  Togo, W. Africa

Michael is a Board Certified Family Physician who had a private medical practice in Berkeley Springs, WV for 20 years. Cheryl is an RN who helped to run the medical practice during this time. They joined the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) in full-time medical ministry work in 2001. They serve in the country of Togo, W. Africa. They use their medical and administrative skills as tools to share the gospel of Christ with others. They love teaching the Bible, working with church plants, and discipling others. Their 3 children are now grown and living in the states. For more info: Dina Sigano is our Global Outreach Team laiason for the Gayles. 

"and He sent them out to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick."

Luke 9:2


Global Gospel Ministries: India

Dr. Kadari and his wife served the Lord in Vijayapur, South Lallaguda, India, for many years. DBC is honored to come alongside this wonderful ministry which has such a passion for evangelism and pastoral training. The Kadaris invested their time in taking the Gospel to remote villages by assisting in community development in these areas. Dr. Kadari has been promoted to glory, but his passion for planting churches and training pastors to lead their congregations for the glory of God continues to thrive. DBC now partners with Big World Project alongside the Kadaris in serving Indian street children. 

"Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world."

James 1:27


Cornel & Sandra Hudulin: Romania

The Hudulins serve the Lord in Targu Jiu, Romania. Cornel is a gifted evangelist and is well regarded throughout their home country of Romania. Cornel pastors Maranatha Baptist Church, which is affectionately known as DBC's sister church. Cornel and Sanda invest themselves fully in ministering to those in their church, and, the Lord has established many other churches throughout Romania through Cornel's ministry. In March 2010 MBC celebrated 10 years in their church building, and Pastor Colin had the joy of preaching in the four celebration services to mark the occasion. We count it an honor to stand with this time tested, hard working and faithful couple.

"I can do all things through Chris who strengthens me."

Philipians 4:13


Dan & Barbara Kees:  Canada

The Kees were commissioned by DBC fifty years ago, and and they now continue in semi-retirement amongst the Blackfoot Indians. In their own words:  "Our present ministry consists of regathering our people in the Sikoohkotokii Bible Fellowship. This involves one on one times of discussion and encouragement. We also are spending considerable time with the remaining young people in helping them sort out careers and dating to marry issues. We are quietly promoting a chronological Bible study on Tuesday nights. We are encouraging and advising our Southern Alberta area wide young leadership in planning and conducting ministry such as camps, retreat, and worship times."

"and the things you have heard me say in the presenceof many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others."

2Timothy 2:2

Pavel Kirichenko: Kazakhstan

Pastor Pavel is the pastor of the Issik Evangelical Christian Church in Kazakhstan. We count it such a joy to support him so he is able to focus his time completely on shepherding his flock and taking the Gospel to his community. IECC is involved in the life of the local orphanage, and, is the sole Bible believing light in a region which does not have a strong Christian presence. .

"We preach Christ crucified."

1 Corinthians 1:23


Joyce Lin

Serving with MAF in Indonesia

As a pilot, Joyce uses aviation to help transform the lives of isolated people by providing life-saving medical evacuation flights, delivering supplies for community development, and transporting people to otherwise-inaccessible locations. As an IT specialist, Joyce sets up and maintains computer networks to allow ministry workers and workers to contact their supporters and access resources on the Internet. You can read more about Joyce and ministry in Indonesia here.

JL-Keith photo.jpg

Open Arms Worldwide - Sarita


Open Arms partners with Christian churches to implement and maintain gospel-based programs to reach at-risk children in the church’s local community in Brazil. DBC has the privilege of supporting Sarita, who ministers specifically amongst the Terena tribe and also facilitates ministry trips for DBC-ers to participate in.

We are sending a team to Brazil this summer. If you would like to know more about our trip see the Brazil page here



Oyiji Odey Clinic: Nigeria

1 Katie's Clinic 2009.jpg

This ministry is borne out of the personal heartache of one of our members, who lost her sister to Sickle Cell years ago. The Oyiji Odey Clinic offers medical help to those in need, and, hope through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Christian physician and nursing staff do everything possible to extend understanding, compassion, and comfort to those in need. Through her heartache, our sister here in the USA has been obedient to the Lord's calling and in turn brought comfort to those suffering in her native Nigeria. 

" He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to out God. Many will see and fear and put their trust in the LORD."

Psalm 40:3


Grace Ripley

Grace grew up in Derwood Bible Church and is exploring a future in cross cultural ministry, having previously participated in many such team trips. She is currently teaching in a deaf school in Dakar, Senegal on a short term assignment and has close connections with our ministry partners, the Bryants.

Grace Ripley.jpg

Minako Wilkinson: Local International

Minako serves with the Navigators as she reaches out to internationals living in our area and beyond. Her ministry is highly relational and focuses on introducing people to Christ and discipling them in Him. Richard is very involved in the ministry as well, as they enjoy hosting people in their home. The Frink care group has adopted the Wilkinsons. 

"Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west."

Isaiah 43:5


30 Days in Prayer: A preparation for ministering in Kazakhstan June 2017

The following spiritual preparation exercises have been used for past cross cultural team ministry trips. Feel free to use them to sharpen your focus as a personal devotional any time!

As we focus on prayer, ask yourself three questions when you engage each passage: 

1) What are they praying for?
2) How are they praying? 
3) Who are they praying for?

Day 1-3, May 14-16 : Ephesians 3:14-21

Days 4-6, May 17-19: Ephesians 1:15-23

Days 7-9, May 20-22: Colossians 1:9-14

Days 10-12, May 23-25: Philippians 1:9-11

Days 13-15, May 26-28: Colossians 4:12

Days 16-18, May 30-June 1: John 17:6-19

Days 19-21, June 2-4: II Thessalonians 5:23-24

Days 22-24, June 5-7: I Thessalonians 3:9-13

Days 25-27, June 8-10: John 17:20-26

Days 28-30, June 11-13: II Thessalonians 1:3-12

40 Days in James & Psalm 119: A preparation for ministering in Kazakhstan June 2016

13 people from DBC are traveling to KZ to support the efforts of Pastor Pavel. To focus our thoughts and our hearts prior to leaving, we are reading through James & Psalm 119 together (others from the church are joining us). We'll leave this up on the webpage for anyone who'd like a focused devotional reading, giving them the opportunity as well to pray for our global partners as they access this reading plan. 

Remember our three basic questions we will ask each day we read: 

What does it say? (observation)
What does it mean? (interpretation)
What does it change? (application) 

In addition, I'll add some questions each day to guide your study and reflection. You will get out of this what you put in, be diligent! 40 DAYS, you've got this!!! There are also some cool video clips and provocative blog entries on various topics throughout to mix things up a bit - enjoy! The verse graphics you see throughout are compliments of Alex Muresan! 

Day 1 May 13 James 1:1

Read through the book of James, slowly. Get the big picture!

Consider this factoid: James was Jesus’ half-brother but didn’t believe in Him right away. But when he did, he didn’t call himself his brother or a church leader, he introduced himself here as a slave of Jesus Christ. What does it mean to be a slave of Jesus Christ and why is that important?

Enjoy this five minute clip: Evolution is a lie! Intelligent Design (Frank Turek).

 Day 2 May 14 James 1:2-4

Trials are never easy. What are some trials you’ve faced recently?

Why do you think God allows hardships in our lives?

How does God ultimately use trials for our good?

Day 3 May 15 James 1:5-8

What are ways we grow in wisdom?

What is the best source of wisdom – culture or God? How often do you find yourself looking for it in places other than God or in His Word?

What is the importance of how we receive wisdom and what we do with it?

Day 4 May 16 James 1:9-11

Why is it a pretty stupid idea to chase riches? Do they give you ultimate security? Do you find yourself chasing the world’s riches?

What is the difference between God’s Word and the riches of this world?

Name on person you know who is not rich in the world’s eyes but is rich towards God?

Day 5 May 17 James 1:12

Hard times come, count on it. Have you ever heard preachers tell you God wants you happy all the time? Run from them.

What should our response be to tough times in our lives?

What is the Crown of Life?

Day 6 May 18 James 1:13-15

Why is it important that God does not tempt anyone?

If we are all capable of sinning, why is it important we have accountability and don’t hide things from others?

Do you think there are sins you are incapable of ever committing or “going there”?

What is the end of the road after sin takes full form in us? Believe me as a pastor, truer words have never been spoken!

Day 7 May 19 James 1:16-18

Look up the word “immutable” – that’s what God is.  Why is this important? Think deep on that last question.

If we were born again through the truth of His Word, what does that tell you about how important God’s Word is in our lives? In what ways do you honor His Word?

Day 8 May 20 James 1:19-21

Why do you suppose God gave you two ears but only ONE MOUTH?

Do our angry outbursts fulfill God’s righteousness vision for our lives?

Think for a moment – what is the correlation between moral filth and anger? BTW you can basically substituteInstagram explore button for “filth” and get the same results!

What is the antidote to the evil and moral filth that’s all around us?

Day 9 May 21 James 1:22-25

Why is it important to actually DO what the Word says (that is, put into practice what you read in the Bible)?

What does it mean to look intently into God’s Word? What are some practices you can implement to do this?

Day 10 May 22 James 1:26-27

Why does what you SAY matter to your Christian walk and witness?

What type of action or focus is commended as pure religion? What do you need to do to align yourself more with God’s heart?

Day 11 May 23

Nice job finishing chapter 1! Take a step back and thoughtfully read this blog post on "ministry trips". We are very careful how we plan for and execute our cross cultural ministry trips. We want to make sure we are truly used by the Lord in Kazakhstan and not just be a burden to them. What strikes you in this article? What should we avoid and how can we "get it right"? Be prepared to discuss this article at some point when we're together. For those of you not going to KZ, use this as a grid to pray for us while we're gone! 

Day 12 May 24 James 2:1-7
Ready to re-engage James?! Read the book thoughtfully before reading today's passage.
What is favoritism? Are you ever guilty of this? 
What is God's heart for the poor, and how can you get in step with His heart? 
BTW - sometimes we consider ourselves "poor" because we can't have all the stuff other people does this stack up against the reality of the hellish lives many live around the world in total poverty?

Day 13 May 25 James 2:8-13

What are three ways you can love your neighbor as yourself…today?

How does mercy triumph over judgment?

Day 14 May 26 James 2:14-17

Why is it impossible for true faith to not have good works accompany it?

What does the example he cites as “good works” tell you about God’s heart for people?

Day 15 May 27 James 2:18-24

Is it possible to claim to be a Christian with no good works to show for it? How would that “faith” be the same as what the demons possess?

For reference, check out the account he mentions of Abraham in Genesis. Also, he quotes a phrase from Romans 4 – what is it?

Day 16 May 28 James 2:25-26

Check out the account of Rahab in Joshua 2. Did you know that Rahab, the prostitute, shows up in Jesus’ genealogy?

What does Rahab teach us about past mistakes/sin and our ability to serve God today? 

*the rest of the readings will be added soon*

Day 17 May 29
Well, we're preparing for a cross-cultural ministry trip. Here's another article calling attention to flawed methods that bring bad results. If we are going to be effective, we need to be very thoughtful as to how we conduct ourselves and why we do what we do. Do you think this author brings up valid points? How can we avoid the negatives he calls out and leave knowing we've made a lasting impact for good? 

Day 18 May 30
Pull up a chair, go for a run, do what you have to do to take in this informative and entertaining debate. Frank Turek vs. Christopher Hitchens, Does God Exist

Day 19 May 31 James 3:1-5

Why should we be so careful when teaching God’s Word? It is never to be taken lightly.

Look at the potential of our tongue (our words). Over the past week, have your words built up or torn down?

Day 20 June 1 James 3:6-8

What steps do you take to control your tongue?

Think to a time when someone wounded you by his or her words. How did that affect you? Is there someone you’ve wounded with your words – how will you promote their healing?

Day 21 June 2 James 3:9-12

Don’t be a hypocrite, God hates hypocrisy. One of the greatest arenas for hypocrisy is our words. Have you led a double life lately by the hypocrisy of your words? How will you set that right?

Day 22 June 3 James 3:13-18

God’s wisdom and the world’s “wisdom” is contrasted. This is really important as we prepare for our trip! The last thing we need is for conflicts or disunity. Consider what is often the root of fights and conflicts. Take a moment to pray for our team unity, that we would each run from jealousy and selfish ambition and that only CHRIST will be seen in us, both individually and as a group!

Day 23 June 4 James 4:1-5

There are often quarrels in group settings.  If this comes up in KZ (or anywhere), stop and ask yourself: what’s really behind this fight?

How do passions (or, lusts or pleasures) cause fights?

“Passions at war within you” is a powerful image of real life. How do we fight these passions or bring them under control? 

Day 24 June 5 James 4:6-10

On those days your passions beat you up, remember…GRACE!

Humility is huge in the Christian life. Why do you think humility brings God’s grace?

Verse 7 contains a promise. What is it, and do you believe it? 

Day 25 June 6 James 4:11-12

Apply this to a group setting on our trip in three ways.

Day 26 June 7 James 4:13-17

Most members of our team are under 25 – it’s easy to feel invincible. Find three people in the Bible who died when they were younger than you.

How does verse 17 apply to your daily life?

Day 27 June 8 That ONE question...

Ravi Zacharias article

Day 28 June 9 James 5:1-6

You're going to see a lot of poverty in KZ. Most of the people we meet don't have nearly as much as we do, even if you don't consider yourself well off. What you may not know is that there is a small class of people who have been dubbed the "new rich". They are redicously rich (often by taking advantage of others). 

What does this passage tell us about God's heart for the poor and also the rich who take advantage of them? 

Find one passage in the OT which talks about the poor. 

Day 29 June 10 James 5:7-8

Why is patience required to wait for the Lord's return? How is that helpful to us? 

What longings do you have for the Lord's return? 

Many of James' readers were farmers. How do you think his illustration helped them? What illustration would you give for someone living in MoCo today? 

Day 30 June 11 Int'l Ministry Trips Blog entry

As we've seen, there have been some understandable criticisms of trips such as ours. However, if done right, these trips can be AWESOME. Because I am passionate about such opportunities, here are some thoughts on why these trips are important and how we can make them as beneficial as possible. 

Day 31 June 12 James 5:9-11

Two key concepts today: grumbling and steadfastness 

When will you be most tempted to grumble on our trip and how can you guard against it?

How do you develop spiritual steadfastness on our trip...and in life?

Day 32 June 13 James 5:12

Your personal character depends in part on your trustworthiness. When you you'll do something, can people trust you to follow through? 

Why would this concept be important on a team ministry trip?

Day 33 June 14 James 5:13-18

Name three aspects of prayer you find in this passage

What can we learn from Elijah? is each of these integral to your Christian walk?

Day 34 June 15 James 5:19-20

What does this tell you about fighting for the heart and soul of your loved ones? Even Christians wander and make mistakes. What sister or brother can you fight for at this moment and intervene?

Day 35 June 16 Psalm 119:1-8

How do I keep my way blameless and remain steadfast? 

Day 36 June 17 Psalm 119:9-16

What is the key to winning the battle over sexual lust? 

Verses 14-16: describe how he interacts with God's Word.

Day 37 June 18 Psalm 119:17-24

How is it that we behold wonderous things out of God's law? 

How would you describe David's pursuit of God's Word in verse 20?

Day 38 June 19 Psalm 119:25-32

Verses 28 & 31 are key. Describe the dynamics David is referring to here. These are great life verses!

Day 39 June 20 Psalm 119:33-40

What type of mindset is descrived in verses 33-34?

What are some worthless things you need to turn away from watching/setting your mind on?

Day 40 June 21 Psalm 119:41-48

How is God's love steadfast?

What is verse referring to?