Homeschooling Ministries

Chieftain Institute (CI)

Chieftain Institute is a ministry of Derwood Bible Church for Christian homeschoolers. We offer courses for middle and high school students.

Classes meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 30 weeks from September to May.

The classes are taught by Christian teachers who possess Godly character, are good communicators, enjoy working with teenagers, and are qualified in specific subject areas.

Tuition may be paid by semester or year. In addition to the tuition, parents will pay for the students' textbooks.

For more information or to request an application packet, please call Mrs. Sandy Sauerwein at 301-987-0831 or email

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Chieftain Christian Academy (CCA)

Chieftain Christian Academy is an extension, and portion of, the Christian education ministry of Derwood Bible Church, created under the provisions of COMAR 13A.10.01.05.  The purpose of this ministry is to encourage, support and oversee those families, primarily of Derwood Bible Church, who have chosen to homeschool their children.

The goals of this ministry are as follows:

  • To encourage excellence in all areas of education, both spiritual and academic

  • To assist parents in fulfilling their responsibility to raise up godly children by providing information, resources, support services, counseling, and accountability

  • To provide educational and social activities that will enhance the homeschooling experience

  • To provide a legal covering over member homeschooling families in compliance with Maryland homeschooling laws


These required meetings are a time of encouragement, a time to disseminate information, and a time to learn more about teaching our children. We meet on the second Monday of each month at Derwood Bible Church. Babysitting is provided.


CCA offers various educational activities for our students to participate in such field trips and spelling bees.


Adventure Club is our Monday co-op for grades K-8. A parent from each family participates by leading or assisting in one or more classes.  We exist to give our homeschool students opportunities to be and learn in group settings. Participating CCA members gather weekly for two-eight week sessions during the school year. Parents share the teaching roles to give lessons in a variety of subjects such as P.E., art, science, or whatever they would like to share.  Some of the benefits of being involved in Adventure Club include:

  • A classroom setting. Here children can learn to meet the behavioral expectations of a teacher other than their parent.

  • A place where the students as well as the parents can develop friendships.

  • A setting for classes which are better suited for groups of students, such as Physical Education.

  • An opportunity to take classes which require a particular skill or passion to teach well that some would not attempt at home.

  • Involvement in classes that enhance home education.


CCA also offers opportunities to build friendships through a variety of activities.


CCA has a small Resource Library for use by our member families. We offer several "How To Homeschool" books, Christian biographies, fiction and non-fiction books for our students, a microscope, and a telescope.

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