From the Pastor's Desk

Living in our society is hectic, confusing, and often very painful.  Difficult problems can cross our path in rapid succession and from unexpected directions.  Our families have little time for rest.  We need a place for guidance, friendship, and love.

As we consider the major areas of our lives, our feelings, our fears, and our future, we realize that we need help from God.  God is eager to help us because of His unquenchable love for us.  I encourage you to attend one of our services and to take advantage of our many ministries.

After looking over the ministries of Derwood Bible Church, we pray that you will find one or more that meet your real needs.  We also hope that you will find a ministry in which you can serve God.  We believe that in finding the Lord's answers to life's challenges, you can also find rest for your soul.

Derwood Bible Church can help you find rest in life's stresses.  We can guide you toward the One who can help you live in the abundance of His life in today's hurt filled world.