Luke 5: Do the nature of physical healings in Luke match what's claimed to be happening today?

Answers given to this question will be somewhat subjective in nature. As you read through the Gospels and Acts, you will find that the healing miracles are beyond all doubt, occuring immediately and with many witnesses. They were easily and irrefutably confirmed. Many of the claimed healing miracles today are not of this nature, and often leave one thinking...."hmmmm". We believe in the power and grace of our Lord to heal people in our midst; in fact, we regularly pray earnestly to that end. But there is a difference between this and a claim that a specific individual has the "gift of healing" and regularly heals people he/she comes in contact with, as Jesus or the apostles did. This is a complex matter; if you'd like to discuss this further, I or any of our elders are happy to do so with you!