Luke 4: what is the "acceptable year of the Lord"?

It’s also referred to as the year of the Lord’s favor. Jesus visits the synagogue in his old stomping grounds (Nazareth) and is given a scroll of Isaiah to read. He reads what is now chapter 61 (with some from chapter 58) and then concludes by stating that the passage had been fulfilled in their hearing!  They marveled at the authority with which He spoke. 

The last part of the quote is connected to the Jubilee, a once in every fifty years event in which slaves were set free and personal debts forgiven (see Leviticus 25:8-17). It was a special time in which God demonstrated His grace and people were relieved from the guilt and effects of their own sin. It was a beautiful picture. Luke is stressing for us the dawn of a new age of salvation which would reach the world over to include the Gentiles. Note that Jesus ends his quotation at Isaiah 61:2a, because the day of vengeance is yet future.

- Pastor Colin