Luke 3: Who is the other "son of God"?

As part of our overall goal to dive deeper into God's Word and engage His truth regularly, at the end of each sermon I'm submitting one or two questions for individual further study. Sometimes the questions are connected to the sermon theme, sometimes they push you to another part of the chapter, sometimes they are of a trivia nature and sometimes they will be very practical in application. The end result is that we are searching through Scripture as the Bereans did (Acts 17:11). 

The very last words of Luke 3 complete Jesus' geneology in which Adam is called the son of God. This is not uncommon as we are all, in fact, called "sons of God" (Deuteronomy 14:1; children is in the masculine), as are angels. Adam is specifically called out as the son of God because he has no human father or mother but was directly created by God - that much is seen in the flow of the text.

As we travel through Luke we will see the very special relationship between Jesus and His Father, beginning with His baptism in which God declares, "This is my Son...". Jesus would later distinguish Himself from us when we would refer to His Father as "Your Father and my Father, your God and my God". 

We are all sons of God in that we are His creation, a general term given to humanity. Adam specifically fit that bill as he literally was created from dust as the first human. Jesus is called the Son of God because of His unique relationship with God the Father: He is coequal and coeternal with Him (Philippians 2:5-11 & Hebrews 1:5-12); He is in fact, God. Put it this way: in the passage I just referenced, the sons of God (people and angels) are commanded to worship THE Son of God. The title is applied in a special way to Jesus. 

One last thought. The Son of God has another title: Son of Man. Why? Because God's Son took on human flesh and had to be identified as such. It's a title of authority. But think about it: I'd never call myself the son of man, because everyone knows (I hope) that I'm human. Jesus, Immanuel ("God with us"), is specifically called out as human because...we need to be reminded of that!