Welcome To Sparks!

Here is some information that will help you jump right in!

Children in kindergarten through 2nd grade attend our Sparks club.

Club is divided into 3 time blocks: 

  • Game Time – where we play games that emphasize teamwork and release natural energy.

  • Handbook Time – clubbers progress through the handbook at their own pace, and leaders listen the clubber’s progress each week.

  • Large Group Time - clubbers hear age appropriate messages on how to apply what they have learned.

Some guidelines for clubbers:

  • Dress clubbers appropriately for the weather as they may go outdoors for Game Time.

  • All clubbers must have an updated emergency card on file.

  • Please leave gum and electronic devices at home.

For your child's safety, we require you to accompany your child when dropping off or picking up from the program.

More Helpful Information

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