Small Groups

Small Groups provide the context where we live out our faith in community. Through the gospel, we are not just saved from our sins, but we are saved into God’s community – the church. While our Sunday morning gathering are vital to our church life, we believe discipleship happens in relationships that can be formed in smaller groups.

What does a small group look like?

Small groups offer the opportunity to meet new people, study the Bible, share prayer requests, grow together and develop a network of families that are there to help you and encourage each other in our walk with Christ, service to the church, and outreach to the community.

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Current DBC groups

Aman’s Group

Leaders: James and Nancy Aman          Focus: Career Singles

Location: Derwood                              Meets: Every other Saturday


Frink’s Group

Leaders: Geoff and Connie Frink          Focus: Internationals and mixed

Location: Derwood                             Meets:


Guy’s Group

Leaders: John and Kimberly Guy          Focus: Parents with Adult Children

Location: Germantown                        Meets: Two Saturdays per month


Musser’s Group

Leaders: Dale and Brenda Musser          Focus: Families with Teens

Location: Germantown/Gaithersburg      Meets: Saturday once a month


Neff’s Group

Leaders: Dave and Lorraine Neff          Focus: Mixed Demographics

Location: Damascus                           Meets: 1st and 3rd Friday of the month


Osborn’s Group

Leaders: Jeff and Erika Osborn          Focus: Families with Young Children

Location: Varies                                   Meets: 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month


Phillips’ Group

Leaders: Bruce and Cat Phillips          Focus: Mixed Demographics

Location: Clarksburg                         Meets: 1st Friday of the month and 3rd Sunday after church


Purdy’s Group

Leaders: Jason and Robin Purdy     

Focus: Married with Children          Meets: 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month

Location: Gaithersburg


Ryan’s Group

Leaders: Phil and Rian Ryan          Focus: Married with Children

Location: DBC                              Meets: 1st Friday (men), 2nd Friday (women), and 3rd Friday (couples)


Seager’s Group

Leaders: Colin and Christine Seager          Focus: Newly Married

Location: Germantown/Gaithersburg         Meets: Monday twice a month



Leadership Training Videos

The goal of our groups is growth in Christ as we receive Christ as Lord and live with Christ as Lord.

Bible study, prayer, Christian fellowship, and outreach

Communicate logistics, purpose, and commitment