May 27, 2018: Are YOU a Moralist? part 2

Philippians series message 13

Text: Philippians 3:1-11

The Gospel flies in the face of what most of us conceive our relationship to God to be predicated upon. Not my merits, but His. Jesus' finished work on Calvary. Grace. Even as believers, it's super easy to fall back into the old way of thinking - somehow, some way, I've got to bring something to the table to "pay the rent" and keep this good standing intact. So, here we find a passage dedicated to putting no confidence in the flesh and glorying in Christ. We'll take two or three weeks on this passage; it's important and very applicable to parenting.  Raising moralists is not the same as raising a grace-filled and bold generation for Christ. 

Three key concepts from last time: worship by the Spirt, no confidence in the flesh, boasting in Christ.

All of this still applies this week, but we'll develop three key concepts from the latter verses: what I lost (ditched), what I've embraced, and how that changes everything for me in the most glorious way possible.