August 6, 2017: The Inadequacy Trap

Hebrews series message 24

Text: Hebrews 11:23-29

I'm not good enough! 

How many times have we heard this or felt it ourselves? I believe God used Moses to teach us both the truth and the fallacy of this trap. No, we're never good enough to do what God requires of us. How on earth can we truly be a godly spouse or parent, or take on a task He's given? But God equips the called and uses us despite our weaknesses and past. It's His work, anyway. So God picked one who stuttered to be His mouthpiece to the king in a pivotal time in history as He fulfilled His promise to Abraham. Moses shows us so much about godly living: he refused status, chose suffering and turned away from sin. His secret? He saw Him who is invisible.  Such a rich passage.