May 21, 2017: What's in a Promise

Hebrews series message 16

Text: Hebrews 8

I had a brother talk to me after the sermon last week, he just can't believe it's really true that he's forgiven. He's waiting for God to punish him for his misdeeds and mistakes. He's not alone. Grace is overwhelming and hard to fully embrace. Yet it's true. It's real. And it's ridiculously freeing. Hebrews 8 is the hinge upon which most all of the NT turns. It's the New Covenant: not just a new high priest but a whole new construct that blows the other one away. And replaces it. It's rooted in the Old Testament. It's promised. Now it's come. It explains the Gospel and John 3:16 makes complete sense because of it. Please pray with me that that many will gain a renewed sense of freedom and live in the power and simplicity that the Gospel brings, not to mention develop an enthusiasm for engaging others with the truth.