May 14, 2017: Slaying Strongholds

Text: II Corinthians 10:3-5

Fear. Anxiety. Worry. Past trauma. Family of origin. It is so easy to be a pit dweller, wallow in sin, live in defeat. God calls us to more, Jesus didn't die so we could live as if nothing's happened. The Gospel writes a different script for our lives that is fueled by all the powerful truths we've been learning in Hebrews; the Son of God bleeding and interceding for us are no small items. God's called us to victory and constantly reminds us in the NT of who we are in Christ and to live accordingly, we are to renew our minds daily with His truth and walk in the newness of life. In this message we'll define what a stronghold is, and how we overcome them. It's a way of applying what we're learning in Hebrews and is helpful for us as we parent (Mother's Day) because strongholds affect how we minister to others.