February 5, 2017: Our Stupendous Savior

Hebrews series message 4

Text: Hebrews 2:11-18

Hebrews 1 is a tour de force in establishing the deity of the Son. Hebrews 2 is the flip side of that argument. You're wearing sandals and you look like me, yet you uphold the cosmos by your own power? The Son is 100% human as well. Imagine - He had to put His trust in God. That's not easy, but He did it. Can't get much more human than that. Why was it necessary for Jesus to be fully human? So He could redeem every square inch of my heart. Three specific reasons, actually: so He could reconcile me to God through His death, so He could destroy the devil and my fear of death, and so He stand before God as my faithful high priest. He is better than the angels and the prophets, but He fully shares my humanity. 

So wondrous and so integral to my salvation.