October 8, 2017: Now What?

Hebrews series message 31

Text: Hebrews 13:7-17

Last week our author began winding down by giving the big takeaway: love well. Love the stranger, love your brothers and sisters, love your family. Now on to another important concept: know. Know your leaders, know your Bible, know your calling. Their leaders lived selfless lives and many were martyred for their faith and in His presence forever. Jesus, the Captain of our salvation, never changes - we can rely on Him all our lives and into eternity. God's Word teaches us how to saturate our lives with grace and not be captivated by false teachers. And God's call on our life is unmistakable: be prepared to suffer, be thankful and help our neighbor. 

And that bit about knowing and emulating your leaders? We need to obey and submit to them, as well.