March 20, 2016: When Faith Fails

Luke Series

Text: Luke 7:1-23

Next week we'll celebrate a dead man walking. Luke provides three successive demonstrations of the power of God, and the corresponding faith of those involved. The Gentile Centurion would not even have Jesus under his roof to heal his dying servant. When hope had passed, Jesus raised the widow's son from the dead, but she had not requested this of Him. With these and other events captivating crowds, John the Baptist languished in prison and openly questioned his confidence in Jesus. Though an abundance of convincing evidence was right under his nose he could not see it, for he was weak. We'll look at both the Centurion's and John's faith, because b/c there's a little bit of both in each of us. Life has that effect on us. What's important though, is the object of our faith...that's where we draw strength. After all, next Sunday, we celebrate a dead man walking.

When Faith Fails