April 3, 2016: Bigger than That

Luke Series

Text: Luke 8:40-56

We've just celebrated Easter, the resurrection. It's easy to loose our focus on the power and hope that the Gospel brings. I know many of our people are walking through tough stuff and I don't want them to become weary in doing good or faint in petitioning God for big things. He's able. When Jairus' 12  year old daughter - his only daughter - was dying, he threw himself at Jesus' feet. After an interruption, someone told Jairus his daughter had died. "Don't bother the teacher any more." How sad. Hope was lost. How many of our people grow weary of doing good in their messy situations? How often do we grow weak in prayer? How often do our people quietly throw in the towel and walk away? God can do anything. I hope to revive our people through this message to not give up and persevere through times, even seemingly hopeless situations.

Bigger than That