June 21, 2015: El Elyon - God Most High

What's in a Name? Sermon Series Message 2

Speaker - Pastor Mike Speer

We first see God called 'El Elyon' in Gen. 14 where Melchizedek, king of Salem, mysteriously pops onto the scene, is called a priest of the Most High God, and proclaims God to be possessor of heaven and earth. It is clear here, and throughout the OT, that God is to be exalted above all else. But that leaves us with no access to God or the blessings that come from the Most High without a mediator. It is not until the sacrifice and exaltation (above all things - most high) of the perfect mediator Christ, in the priestly line of Melchizedek, that we are restored as children of the Most High God.

El Elyon - God Most High