April 12, 2015: The Fleeting Pleasures of Wealth

Ecclesiastes Series message 11

Text: Ecclesiastes 5:8 - 6:12

This passage speaks loudly to our culture. I was just watching a travel video from Togo - we're a wealthy nation! Riches bring some level of comfort but do not satisfy the soul. Money is the root of so much heartache - just watch people jockey for position on inheritance payouts (often while the person is still alive). The preacher concludes that the best thing we can do in relation to our personal wealth is to enjoy what we have and live with abiding joy. The Gospel further teaches us the fleeting nature of riches and instructs us to seek first His kingdom and righteousness; we'll draw specific application from Matthew 6:19-34. Possessing wealth can be a blessing; obsessing over it is our downfall.

The Fleeting Pleasures of Wealth