March 29, 2015: Watch Your Step

Ecclesiastes Series message 10

Text: Ecc. 5:1-7

Qoheleth breaks from his horizontal emphasis to address the vertical. What I mean is this: to this point he's surveyed our pursuits and relationships in light of eternity and and concluded, "See?! There must be something more!" He departs from this emphasis and speaks to the most important relationship we have, giving instruction on our worship of Amighty God. Oh, how we need this word today! Expect to be challenged as he points our attention to our Creator and to our walk with Him. The power of his words are found in the context in which he gives them. The 'gotcha' point on Sunday is this: the one to whom all praise and adoration is due humbled himself through his incarnation. This one entered Jerusalem on a donkey in preparation for his suffering on our behalf. Such generosity breathes life and grants grace for yet another day.

Watch Your Step