March 22, 2015: What's YOUR Ladder Leaning On?

Ecclestiates Series message 9

Text: Ecc. 4

Now...we live in a competitive area - people are highly motivated to climb the corporate ladder and enroll their kids in every available sports or arts program. Nothing wrong with healthy competition of course or personal drive. But too many people spend their lives under the sun chasing broken dreams, trying to take the other guy out of the race. Our INSECURITIEs drive us to COMPARE and COMPETE. The Gospel addresses what drives this consuming competitiveness and replaces it with a passion to serve and follow Christ, knowing we are unconditionally loved and accepted by Him. On Sunday we'll address the hamster treadmill of comparison and competition, replacing it with a healthy and godly vision to run the race before us.

What's YOUR Ladder Leaning On?