February 1, 2015: Eternity in Our Hearts

Ecclesiastes Series message 3

Text: Ecc. 3:18-21

The past two weeks we have considered our priorities and pursuits, key themes in Ecclesiastes. The Preacher reminds us that we all die and will most likely not be remembered by most. The first few chapters of Ecclesiastes are hard hitting! However, this book is only one of sixty six books in the Bible, and it is crucial to merge truths from this book with the others. Ecclesiastes deals with the temporal, but others address eternity. The message of Ecclesiastes is heightened by eternity, but it is also made so much sweeter for the Christian. On Sunday we will consider the great theme of eternity throughout all of God's Word to give a proper platform to understand the Preacher's wisdom. My prayer is that we all leave inspired, encouraged and convicted as we consider our life priorities and pursuits on Sunday.

Eternity in Our Hearts