February 15, 2015: It's Time!

Ecclesiastes Series message 5

Text: Ecclesiastes 3:1-4

For many, this passage brings great comfort as we see a rythmn in the seasons and events of life. But the truth is, while it does contain comforting thoughts, it is designed to jolt us to reality. There are some things in life we control and much that we don't. Wisdom guides us in how to navigate through challenging situations, but if we seek happiness and satisfaction only under the sun, we are fools. We'll weave in thoughts regarding eternity and revival, seeing how the Gospel changes absolutely everything and brings unspeakable joy in the midst of both chaos and the mundane. It is always time to seek the Lord! I have so enjoyed hearing from many of you, of your hunger and thirst to go deeper with Him. Christine and I are praying that the Lord will revive us individually and corporately - thanks for praying alongside us and the elders to that end! Our worship service starts promptly at 10 AM - let's show up early, ready to worship God and hear from Him.

It's Time!