July 27, 2014: Why Who I Am Informs What I Do

Acts Series message 26

Text: Acts 18:18-28

Last week we looked at the Corinthian church: their problems, and the encouragement Paul gave them. I hope that was encouraging to you; you're not alone if you struggle to flesh out your faith. This week, we'll note Paul's visit to Ephesus, another church highlighed in our New Testament. Paul had much to say to them; declaring their identity in Jesus Christ. He spends three chapters highlighting the amazing truths about our common salvation, then spends the remaining three chapters telling us "therefore", how to live it all out. His personal applicaiton for us is immensely practical to our relationships and lifestyle. Couched in the middle of all this are two beautiful prayers for the saints. We'll be sure to catch some of the details in our text, but will focus on Paul's words to the church in Ephesus, which was an important port city with a famous pagan temple to the goddess Diana.

Why Who I Am Informs What I Do