June 1, 2014: Jerusalem Council: An Identity Forged

Acts Series message 19

Text: Acts 15

It's cool that the Gentiles were being added to the church. The apostles loved sharing the stories of these conversions, even in Samaria. But after the novelty wore off, some wanted to rope the Gentiles with some Jewish practices. The larger problem was that they wanted to make it a salvation issue. A council was convenened, and very practical advice was given. It was a stake in the ground, and the church flourished becasue of it. In modern times, legalism often creeps into the church. "Yes, Jesus died for your sins and we are saved by grace. But... you must do this and you can't touch this and stay away from that and never talk with them..." Before we know it, Christianity is not defined by the the grace and power of our Lord Jesus Christ, but, but by a list a mile long that we never meausure up to anyway.

Jerusalem Council: An Identity Forged