October 12, 2014: Oh, How He Loves Me!

Text:Isaiah 53

Last week we looked at Scripture's view on the conscience, as Paul said he strove to keep his conscience clear before God and man. This week we'll analyze his message and how it flows from the Old Testament. A key phrase is Ephesians 1:7, in him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins. Such a beautifully simple statement, yet profound and majestic in what it represents! We'll head back to the Old Testament to a well-known passage to unpack this further. My prayer is that this passage will leave it's mark this weekend. Our next theme in Paul's trials will be the sovereignty of God in our lives; it's easy to wonder where God is in our trials and life situations. Imagine how Paul felt as he was yanked from one trial to another... same false accusations coming his way with plenty of time to think about it while stuck in prison.

Oh How He Loves Me!