January 19, 2014: The Word Spreads

Acts Series message 15

Text: Acts 8:1-25

In Acts 8, the infant church explodes as the Word travels to new destinations. Saul unleashes a furious wave of persecution against some Christians, literally going house-to-house and hauling both men and women off to jail. As a result, many flee Jerusalem taking the Gospel with them. One such brother is Philip, whom God uses mightily. He upstages the local sorcerer in Samaria, who begins traveling with Philip based on his new profession of faith. That profession is determined not to be genuine based on his desire to pay money for Philip's powers. Now, when the apostles hear that the Samaritans have embraced the Gospel, they pay a personal visit and lay hands on them in order for them to receive the Spirit. Which brings up two questions: What is the nature of true faith? and, should we be laying hands on people today in order for them to receive the Spirit? We'll address all this and more on Sunday. What an exciting time in Acts! Now the Samaritans, whom the Jews hated, were following Jesus.

The Word Spreads