January 20, 2013: Game-Changer

1 Peter Series message 2

Text: 1 Peter 1:3-5

Last week we set the stage. Peter was an uneducated fisherman with many, and sometimes quite hilarious, personal weaknesses. We love him for that. God got ahold of him, filled him with His Spirit, chose him to testify boldly, and pen some of the most majestic passages in all Scripture. He sealed his life’s ministry by dying a martyr’s death. Peter uses arresting language to teach us about our inheritance. It is real, it is spectacular, and it is future... and impacts us now. And there is a GAME CHANGER that provided this for us. We will trace the chain of how everything is different, now that God has stepped in and changed the course of our eternal destiny. I mentioned last week that Peter provides a feast for our soul and our mind: pull up a chair, get settled in, and prepare to be blown away by the goodness of God. Peter's driving point is that the goodness of God should shape our perspective in life, as we'll see in the weeks to come. And it all begins with God's GAME CHANGER.

Game Changer