May 6, 2012: "Let's get a few things straight!"

1 John Series message 2

Text: 1 John 1:5-2:2

The apostle John, one of the Sons of Thunder, squarely addresses the nature and effects of sin in our sermon text. While circumstances have changed, core issues have not: sin is not subjective and nor is it without consequences. Admitting our sin is what drives us to Christ for salvation, and, sin will keep you from fellowship with God should you cherish it as a believer. Bad teaching about Jesus and sin destroys lives and John is anxious to set the record straight about our wonderful Savior and His unchanging love. Jesus came full of GRACE and TRUTH, and speaks on our behalf when we are accused by our adversary. He does not defend us based on our performance; that would be a nightmare. He simply declares “I died for him…she is covered by the blood!

Let's get a few things straight