February 26, 2012: Slaying Sin

Pursuing Excellence message 8

Text: Romans 8:13

We've laid a foundation for empowered Christian living through perspective and our position in Christ. We have the privilege of considering ourselves "dead to sin" and also the responsibility of choosing not to live as we did before we knew Christ. Sometimes, the struggles we face in life are directly tied to the sin we are tolerating instead of mortifying. John Owen, my favorite theologian/pastor, said this: "Be killing sin or it will be killing you"; this is very true. Some churches never talk about sin, while others leave their people feeling beaten down and asking, "where's the grace?" A healthy perspective on sin is balanced in its approach: in light of God's wonderful love for us and our our high calling as children of God, and, out of reverence for Christ, we must not tolerate sin... period. We'll look at practical ways to address the temptations we face as we lived in a fallen world.

Slaying Sin