Preparing to Suffer

In taking a short break from writing a paper for seminary I came across this little gem titled "How Christians Prepare for Suffering". Seems like a topic that is always applicable. Pointing to Paul as the example the Parnell makes these points (which you should go check out):

1. Count it all, that is everything that might be labeled "gain", past, present, and future and call it "loss".

2. Once that is done you've now entered "normal" Christianity. Paul was not an exception but an example to follow. We over-privileged Americans need to wrestle hard with this one.

3. Remind ourselves continually that Jesus is better. Better than what? Everything. Those people and things that are most precious to you - Jesus comes first. He is better. Thus we can call it all "loss".

4. Love Christ today.

He ends with this, "It will not minimize the pain. Not at all. But we will know, even in the darkest night, that Jesus is our God and all, that he is our Rock and treasure, that he is enough." This is how we prepare to suffer.