Paying the Price for Standing Strong

So much of James is about remaining steadfast, standing strong. He talks about standing strong in action, not letting what we do contradict the faith we claim; standing strong in language, the words we say reveal where our heart is; standing strong in how we treat one another...we could go on for quite a while. As we (Momentum - our high school ministry) are getting ready to start our summer study on relationships and purity I am reminded that one of the toughest battles teens face today is the fight to live a pure life sexually. They have so much going against them and it isn't until you really try to maintain a pure mind, heart, and body that you realize just how sexualized our culture is. But know this, the battle is not impossible and you are not alone. There are others who are fighting the same battle along side of you...and winning. You can too. A blogger I read regularly posted this video and I think the way she speaks so candidly is refreshing. I don't know anything about this athlete other than what she says here, but that was enough to grab my attention. I'm completely against putting athletes or other celebrities on "christian" pedestals (yep, Tim Tebow) because I think it is unfair to them and sets them and the church as a whole up for a fall. However, this is worth watching, not because she is the example to follow (I have no clue regarding her beliefs or moral stances in general), but because she speaks so honestly about this struggle. Check it out.