James and Special Needs Children

Momentum, our high school youth ministry, has spent the entire year so far digging into the book of James. I love this book so much more now than I did when we started. It is much more than the "faith without works is dead" book. Over the next several weeks I'm going to be posting lessons learned from the book of James as a way of continuing to process them for myself as well as provide what I think are some very encouraging and challenging lessons. Next week we'll look at the underlying theme running throughout James. Some argure that there isn't one single theme running throughout James, but I think they are wrong. 

This week however let's just touch on one point that was stirred up in me by two moms whom I greatly respect. I haven't had hardly any contact with either of them for years, but their posts on facebook regarding special needs children resonate with me. This one, What to Teach Your Children About Kids With Special Needs, is fantastic, especially because it is coming from mothers of special needs kids and reflect what they wish the rest of the world new. It's not judgmental, just educational. What I really like about it though is the reminder that it is our responsibility as parents to teach our kids these things. They don't just know it. They need our guidance, help, and gentle correction when dealing with others different than themselves.

So how does this relate to James? Well a skewed view of others was a very real issue in the churches James was writing to. We often value the wrong things, in their case riches, in our case often the externals. We look at how things seem and forget there is a whole world underneath the surface. That's where God looks. We need to learn to look there too.