Abortion: Why we object and why it matters

Without question, abortion is an emotionally charged subject and intensely personal:  babies turn our lives upside down!  Arguments are often cast in negative terms:  hands off my body, baby killer, it’s my choice, trust a woman’s judgment, etc.  Sound logic is lost when we are busy dodging – and throwing - verbal daggers.  What follows is a basic outline of Christian principles which govern my convictions on abortion.  I do not write with a pocket full of stones to throw in judgment at my opposition; I have no pretension that I am in any way better than anyone else.  Below are five keystone concepts which frame my unyielding conviction regarding the sanctity of unborn human life. 

First, people are created in the image of God.  The Bible begins with this simple declaration, forever burying the notion that we are the product of random chance or are anything less than the highlight of God’s creation.  This is why we attribute dignity and respect to every single human life.  With no distinction to age, ethnicity, or talent, people are the image bearers of Almighty God.    

Life begins at conception.  Yes this is a Biblical teaching, but look at how sonograms have given us a view into the womb!  Life does not begin at birth, nor is there a point in time when a fetus mysteriously becomes a person.  I am not aware of any scientifically sound alternative to this position.  If life does not begin at conception, exactly when does it begin?  To be sure, late term abortions in particular end the life of an otherwise viable unborn child.     

The unborn are defenseless and without voice.  Civilized nations provide the best possible prenatal care for mom and baby.  Why?  So both mom and developing baby can progress as healthily as possible through the pregnancy, culminating in a safe delivery.  When an unborn child wreathes in pain when the lethal needle is injected, has anyone given her a choice in the matter?  Why are we not considering the rights of unborn women when their beating heart is halted?  I support the pro-life cause because unborn children are unable to defend themselves or plead their own case.  And I’m pretty sure that given a choice, they wouldn’t choose abortion. 

Choices have consequences.  The Bible puts it this way:  you “reap what you sow”.  You cannot have it both ways:  sexual activity often results in pregnancy; if you don’t want the latter, abstain from the former.  God’s laws may seem outdated to some, but He holds the owner’s manual and sex outside marriage was never in the game plan.  Can we really kill our young to spare the lifestyle we embrace?  All the data I’ve seen shows that the majority of abortions are not linked in any real way to the health of the mother or baby. 

 God is sovereign.  This truth brings unbelievable peace and comfort when we can’t make sense of our circumstances.  Surprise and pregnancy often go hand in hand.  We were done at fourwe had a momentarily lapse in judgmentwe were just having fundo you know how much it costs to raise a baby (by the way, I have a good handle on that!)?  God is on His throne and not stepping down anytime soon.  Knowing that He is in control, and full of grace and compassion, helps put any situation into proper perspective so one can choose to do the right thing.    

 Clearly my intent here is not to address every question regarding abortion; I realize that many do not view their own case as cut and dry.  I have learned as a pastor that life is often messy and pat answers do more harm than good.  My simple challenge though, is to consider abortion through a different set of lenses.  Does your support of abortion have more to do with you, or are you looking honestly and objectively at the big picture?  I assure you that God is bigger than any challenge you face and His grace is sufficient in your weakness.  His grace is sufficient when you find out your baby is handicapped, and it abounds even in the case of rape (though I hate even writing about such a subject).  I trust these simple guidelines will help you navigate through an issue that regrettably has become filled with false assumptions formed in a culture that often exalts ME and MY needs rather than seeking to do the right thing.    

My uncle recently lost his precious wife to brain cancer.  He often comments that life does not make sense without Jesus.  While I would argue that even an atheist should logically be pro-life, if you lose the perspective of God in the big picture, you cannot see abortion for what it truly is.  If you support abortion and have had a “Christian” finger pointed your way to shame you, I am very sorry to hear that.  That is a terrible and inaccurate representation of God’s grace, which lifts our gaze from our failures to One who suffered and died in our place.  The Christian message is that we are freed to worship and serve Him through faith in Jesus Christ, apart from our personal performance. Love trumps all. 

 Thank you for taking the time to consider the above points, which are submitted humbly. 


Pastor Colin