Tebow Time

Wipe John 3:16 from beneath his eyes and he puts up 316 yards passing in last night’s playoff game.  Tim Tebow wins games, electrifies the Denver fan base, and brings in loads revenue for the Bronco nation.  The Steelers’ season is over and the Broncos are still alive.  I’ll let the pundits measure his play on the field, but I want to give a few reasons why we ought to be behind this guy. 

1)      He treasures Christ above football

Every kid who has ever played street football dreams of last night’s game.  NFL playoffs.  Overtime.  First play, first possession...touchdown!  When he wins, he gives God the glory.  When he loses, he points fans to what really matters.  That is awesome.

2)      He is excited about his faith

Raising six kids, I pray every day they love God with all of their heart, soul, strength and mind.  I imagine over time and with some maturity, Tebow will be a little more tempered and measured in his expression of faith.  But his enthusiasm and excitement for what is unseen is contagious. 

 3)      He stands on principle 

Any professional athlete that is vocal about honoring marriage and keeping himself pure for his future wife has my respect and support.  Period.  He is showing my boys how to be a man – a real man.

4)      He doesn’t fight back

It doesn’t surprise me that Tebow is ridiculed for his lifestyle choices or convictions:  from the Good Book, “they are surprised when you do not join them in the same flood of debauchery, and they malign you.” I get it that some find his exuberance irritating, but I love that he doesn’t fight back.  He doesn’t stir the pot; he just lives out his convictions and stays out of the mix.  It’s hard for me to believe anyone would judge personality over conviction when someone wants to do the right thing. 

5)      He’s got the right perspective

Tebow’s got ability, fame, money, the whole nine yards.  Yet he always points people back to what is most important:  God.  It’s hard for me to not support someone like that. 

Is Tebow perfect?  Not by a long shot.  Are you?  Well alright then.  Nor is he the only one who expresses his faith on the football field.  Plenty of players do, even coaches. Who can forget when Gibbs and Landry, two fine Christian gentlemen, would face each other and their players would kneel and pray at the 50 yard line.  What does set Tebow apart is the national spotlight.  While it’s true that God isn’t a Broncos or Steelers fan, He will bring Himself glory.  And when He finds an individual who is sold out for Him, don’t be surprised when those around that person get a few fringe benefits.  While I love seeing him win, what’s admirable is that his faith shines through in victories and in losses. 

If you’re a Tebow hater, consider long and hard what he stands for.  If you feel he expresses his faith imperfectly, consider the Message but don’t shoot the messenger. 

Get behind this man and pray for him – there’s a lot more at stake than football! Whether he wins or loses, pray he continues to pursue Christ and remain true to his convictions. 

All this from a Redskins fan.

 - Pastor Colin