What is God Looking For?

Sometimes it’s easy to look at others and wonder how God can ever use us.  Others have it all together and we don’t have much to offer.  If you want your life to count for Christ, I have good news for you.  What God is after is something that is equally attainable for the rich and the poor, the young and old. And it is illustrated beautifully in the life of Nehemiah. 

Nehemiah had recently finished the great task of rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem after the Babylonian exile.  One of the two men he chose to run the city was the leader of the citadel, who was most likely an accomplished man who was intelligent, reliable, and successful.  But that’s now why Nehemiah chose him: 

[Hananiah] was a man of integrity and feared God more than most men (Nehemiah 7:2).

It wasn’t his resume which qualified him for this great honor, nor was it his personality or physique.  It was his simple and accurate view of who God is.  He reverenced God and it showed in his personal life. 

Growing up, my pastor had this verse behind him when he spoke, engraved in the wall for all to see:  For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him. (II Chronicles 16:9) 

What is God looking for?  He is looking for those who believe He is who He says He is, who will settle for nothing less than total obedience.  He is looking for those whose religion is not skin deep, for convictions in the heart which are practiced when no one is looking.  Reverence is a settled decision which is not elusive, nor does it require great skill.  To be sure, God gives gifts and uses our talents for His glory.  But the most important thing to have in place is integrity.  And the most important question to answer in the affirmative is do I reverence God?

There is nothing in life more gratifying or exhilarating than knowing you are forgiven and loved by God, and that our lives count and are being used for something more than ourselves. 

Do you reverence God? 

- Pastor Colin