What to pray for others

photo © Adrian van Leen for openphoto.net CC:PublicDomainIt's very cool to see how God moves people's hearts and works through many avenues to accomplish His will.  This year the high school youth group, Momentum, has been focusing on sharing our faith with our friends and family.  It can be a very intimidating and often scary thing to share one's faith, but the one thing we keep coming back to is that it is God's work to change the heart.  This is why the very first and foundational step to sharing our faith is to regularly and passionately pray for those whom we want to see come to know Jesus.  Only God convicts of sin.  Only God reveals the need that is in us all and opens our eyes to His great love.  So we pray.

You see how this goes hand-in-hand with what Pastor Colin has been teaching on for the past several weeks?  In fact, his last post was about how to pray for others.  Nice!  So I thought I would tack on what we studied two weeks ago with the students which is what to pray for others, particularly our friends who don't know Jesus.  There were several things:

  1. That they would seek to know God (Deut 4:29)
  2. For them to believe the Scriptures  (Rom 10:17)
  3. That Satan would be prevented from blinding them to the truth (2 Cor 4:4)
  4. For the Holy Spirit to work in them (John 16:8,13)
  5. That they would believe in Christ as Savior (John 5:24)
  6. That they would turn from sin (Acts 3:19)
  7. That they would confess Christ as Lord (Rom 10:9,10)
  8. That they would take root and grow in Christ (Col 2:6,7)

Now, lest you give me more credit than I deserve, I gleaned this list from a Navigators study, but I have no qualms sharing something I come across that I think is good, and this is good.  What do you think God might do if we humbly submitted ourselves to Him and His work and prayed daily for our friends and family like this?  Let's find out!