Will I ever learn?

"Will I ever learn?!?"  I find myself asking that question again as we gear up for the new school year.  "What is the lesson you keep having to learn?" you ask.  Well let me tell you.  It is a fact that if I'm not looking and planning 4-6 months ahead then I'm already behind.  It may sound extreme but it is, I am learning again, true.  There are people to contact, training to perform, facilities or sites to rent, transportation to arrange, sign-ups to organize and track, money to collect...you get the idea.  Why does it always come down to a crunch time?  It's not really because I procrastinate (well maybe some procrastination, but mostly not).  It's more about my focus; looking too hard at what's right in front of me and not backing up enough to look farther down the proverbial road to see what's ahead.

This is a spiritual problem as well.  How often are we so wrapped up in what's right in front of us, the "real world", that we forget all about the REAL world?  The REAL world is the one that involves people moving closer and closer to destruction while we are focused on the "real world" of bills, schedules, work, etc.  The REAL world is made up of broken people looking for healing that will last.  The REAL world is all about the eternal and much less about being cozy and comfortable.  One day, maybe soon, maybe not so soon, but one day time will run out.  Don't let the immediate demands of today take your focus off of the things that are really important.  Back up, look at what's ahead, and don't get caught off guard.  Keep that eternal perspective and plan for it.

Maybe this time I'll really learn my lesson.