Just not good enough

I'm not a big statistics guy.  It seems that they can be manipulated to prove any point, but there is an overwhelming consistency among the surveys looking at teens and youth culture.  You don't have to look at them long before you're tempted to throw your hands up in frustration at the state of the world.  Fortunately we serve a sovereign God who is good and whose plan will not be frustrated.  That's a comforting thought and is the hope of the believer.  The following blog article talks about some of those statistics, but unlike some this has a simple fix, but it may not be easy for some.  The stat:  the typical father spends less than 3 minutes a day with his teenager.  The fix:  get your priorities straight (check out how much the father had to say to his son in the Proverbs) and make spending time with your kids more important than most of the other stuff we spend time on.  Simple but maybe not easy for many.  Check out the article and links to the source statistics here.