"Cool Christianity" is not

I read this quote today that made me want to stand up and say "Yes!"  It may seem odd coming from the youth pastor since we are traditionally known as the ones with the blue hair and goatees, but if you know me at all that is just not me.  I love fun, I love being goofy, and I love events, but when it comes to getting into the Word there is no room to mess around.  Check it out for yourself, especially if you are considered a GenXer or younger (I don't quite make it but I identify with that age), and consider if what the writer is saying rings true or not.



If the evangelical Christian leadership thinks that "cool Christianity" is a sustainable path forward, they are severely mistaken. As a twentysomething, I can say with confidence that when it comes to church, we don't want cool as much as we want real.

If we are interested in Christianity in any sort of serious way, it is not because it's easy or trendy or popular. It's because Jesus himself is appealing, and what he says rings true. It's because the world we inhabit is utterly phony, ephemeral, narcissistic, image-obsessed and sex-drenched—and we want an alternative. It's not because we want more of the same.

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