What is shaping us?

Our team recently returned from a trip to the Czech Republic in support of the Prague Young Life English camp.  It was a great trip with many lessons and experiences that have the potential to impact many lives including our own.  One lesson in particular sticks out in my mind that I wanted to share today and it comes from a question posed in Blackaby's and King's Experiencing God.  They ask, "Do you think you are primarily being shaped by your past or your future?"  Wow.  Great question.  How would you answer?  Paul makes in clear in Philippians 4 that he is pressing on to take hold of for which Christ Jesus took hold of him.  He was being shaped not by what he was or what he had experienced in his life, but by what he was to become.

Is it possible that this kind of focus is the key to revival in a culture that is obsessed with lawsuits, victim mentality, and pop psychology?  We can't change or erase our past, no matter how good or bad it is, but we can choose to look at what's ahead and allow God's promises of adoption, renewal, redemption, and inheritance shape us into the people He envisions.  And let's face it, his picture of us is the only one that really matters in the end.