Thoughts from Abroad

I recently returned from a missions trip to Kazkahstan, Central Asia.  As a church, we have chosen to invest in the Kazakh believers as their remains a window of opportunity in that region.  The purpose of my trip was to encourage a pastor we support, preach in local churches, and, view various ministry opportunities we might chose to engage in down the road.

On one occasion, I and three other pastors took a day road trip to visit two families near the Chinese border.  These two families are the only believing families in the area.  What a privilege to mark Communion with these families and encourage them in their testimony.  What a precious gift we've been etnrusted with - our relationship with Jesus Christ.  We need to be about the business of encouraging one another, and, spurring one another on to good works.  God is being glorified in the personal testimonies of these two families. 

On a similar note, I was struck by the "brotherhood" of the believers, as they call it.  I had every sense that they would die for each other if the need arose, and that they are willing to do anything to support others in Christ's cause.  As we ministered, we laughed together and did "manly" things, all while extending ourselves for the work of the Gospel.  They are a tight group of believers. 

So I leave you with two questions - are you cherishing your service to Christ, as if you were the only believer in your region?  Are you linking arms with other brothers and sisters in Christ, enjoying authentic relationships while serving our Lord?  We were not meant to be islands for Christ, but to function within the Body of Christ while serving, encouraging, and praying for one another. 

Pastor Colin