What do we need?

I used to play in a band.  Did you know that?  I played bass in a Christian rock band that travelled throughout Maryland and surrounding states to play youth events, concerts, etc.  It was fun and frustrating.  We had some great times playing those shows.  We had some real duds as well.  Do you know what the recipe is for a terrible night for a band is?  A dead audience.  We could play for an audience of 10 but if they were passionate it was great, but give us an audience of 100, 500, more who is “ho hum” and it sucks the life out of it and you.

Which brings me to a quote I recently read.  Alvin Reid in his book Radically Unchurched says this, “The single greatest need in the church today is passion…a fresh fire…not a wildfire, but fire that brings both heat and light, both enthusiasm and substance.  A passion focused on our great God.”  All I have to say about that is AMEN!  Can you imagine churches filled with people who aren’t “ho hum” about faith, but are consumed by it. 

It would change how we approach Scripture.  No longer would it be a task to check off, but it would be the very words from God we so desperately need.  It would be the guide by which we make our decisions, approach our relationships, address our problems.  It would be our bread.

It would change our mission.  Church would no longer be a comfortable social club, but the meeting place to encourage and comfort one another after a week of being in the world bringing a message of hope to hurting people that may have hurt us in return.  It would be a place to give and receive forgiveness because we are still flawed and do still fail and no longer try to hide that fact.  A place of authentic worship.

It would change us to the core.

How will it change you?  Are you a passionate follower of Christ?