Why Creation Matters

Creation.  Evolution.  The question of origins is a hot topic within the church today.  Many of us know Genesis 1:1:  “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”.  Beyond the Genesis account of creation, does the Bible place much emphasis on God’s creative activity?  Books such as Psalms, Isaiah, and Jeremiah highlight the glories of God’s creation.  There is an aspect of creation that does not seem to receive much attention, but tops the list of apostolic application:  creation and judgment.  

Paul gives classic presentations of the Gospel in Acts 17.  Particularly in verse 22, he lays out a chronology of why the Athenians needed to repent and turn to Jesus:  God is creator, provider, sustainer, and judge.  Therefore, all men everywhere need to repent; that is, they need to change their opinion of Jesus and turn to Him as Lord and Savior.  The lynchpin of his argument is the creator/judge connect.  You see, people are accountable to the One who gives them breath.  It’s that simple.  Paul gives no room for naturalistic evolution and reminds us of the Biblical truth that God created all peoples from one man, Adam. 

We must not skip a key element in presenting the Gospel:  God created us; therefore we are accountable to Him.  He has declared that Jesus is the way to know Him personally and experience the forgiveness of sins (and with that, eternal life).  Genesis 1:1 is not an outdated religious myth to be brushed aside; Genesis 1:1 is the cornerstone truth of God’s unfolding drama of redemption from Genesis to Revelation. 

- Pastor Colin