National Day of Prayer

It seems a little silly to me that anyone considers calling the nation to pray to be unconstitutional, but as we all know a judge has ruled so.  However quelling the prayers of the saints is nothing new and should not surprise us.  It actually should be much more of a surprise that we live as comfortably as we do here in the West given the fact that there is an enemy who would like nothing more than to destroy the Church.  (Perhaps that comfort is actually one of the enemy's weapons, but that's a topic for another time).  Too often we mistakenly see legislators, judges, and politicians as the enemy when Paul made it very clear that our real enemy is spiritual and our weapons are not votes and petitions but the Word of God and prayer.  I'm all for being engaged in the political process, but let's not lose sight of where the real battle is.  Today is the National Day of Prayer, regardless of any ruling by a judge.  Let's lift praise and worship through prayer to the only One worthy and powerful to receive them.