A Special Baptism

This evening our youth ministry capped a great ministry year with a teen baptism; it was a joy for me to play a part.  It was moving to hear a young teen to publically declare her faith, and to drive home the point that your parents' faith isn't your ticket to heaven - you need to own it yourself.  What struck me the most was her testimony.  She was a raised in a Christian family, with parents who love the Lord and her.  I know she heard through her parents' faithful teaching that she needed to make her trust in Jesus a personal thing; going to church each week does not save you.  Yet it was through a Sunday School teacher that she "heard" it for the first time.  This reminds me of several truths in local church ministry...

First, the body of Christ is an amazing entity.  It is made up of all kinds of different people with different backgrounds, personalities, ethnicities, and testimonies.  The potential impact of this diversity on an individual is beyond description.  The different gifts we find in the church is a testimony to God's master design in growing us in our faith.  How are you using your spiritual gifts...talents...experiences...and lessons from failures?  Are you engaged in your church, building others up through your involvement? 

Second, note the importance of youth workers in our churches.  Sunday School teachers, Awana leaders, teen leaders, etc.  The impact they have on young people is amazing!  I know I am thankful for those who invested in me when I was younger.  I always appreciated my father allowing others to enter my world; I am a richer man for it. 

Finally, "do not grow weary in doing good".  Sometimes we put forth the effort and see no immediate results and that can be discouraging.  Don't lose heart!  Often God bears fruit through your efforts when you're not aware.  What God wants from us is faithfulness.  What you do, and your choices to allow God to use you, will mean the world to someone else...keep serving Him and loving others! 

Pastor Colin