Am I Stupid?

I came across this commercial in another blog post.  It is the latest ad from Diesel brand clothing.  What is the message?  Well it’s obvious of course - we should all “Be Stupid”.  Now at first glance that may seem stupid in and of itself, but if you watch it and pay attention to the message there is something that is compelling about it.  It resonates with us to some degree, at least it did with me.  It took me a little while to figure out just why there was part of me that was saying “YES” to it while another part of me was saying “WRONG” to it, and it wasn’t just my flesh warring with my spirit.

*  Disclaimer:  There are a couple of lines in the commercial that are a little provocative.  Unfortunately this is one of the many messages being fed to the youth culture as legitimate and it need to be evalulated in light of the truth.

The reason was that there is truth here.  It is a corrupted truth.  It is truth surrounded by lies in this case.  Yet there is truth here.  Did you see it?  It is the truth that one must take risks to achieve something great and often that risk is viewed by those around us as “STUPID”.   Now here is where the lie comes in…what is the great object we’re trying to accomplish?  According to this commercial it is simply experiencing life, creativity, passion, etc. and that the means to accomplish this is to feed our appetites, regardless of their potential destructive nature.  This is born out of existentialism and hedonism and is empty and hollow because it is ultimately all about self.  That is the lie and our individualistic American nature is all too eager to embrace it.

But if you take that same message and put it in the context of the eternal, the gospel, the glory of God then you have discovered the full truth that resonates.  It is right to risk all for the sake of Christ, to release anything holding us back, to go and not look back.  In other words (those of Jim Elliot), "to lose that which we cannot keep to gain that which we cannot lose."  In that case, then yes, according to the judgment of the world, I will gladly be STUPID.