Deliberately uninformed...a regular person's viewpoint

As you're probably well aware by now, I find reading blogs and other resources useful in understanding various points of view and the culture we live in.  I read one today by Seth Godin that, though the author doesn't know Christ as far as I can tell, speaks volumes of truth and even serves to convict me in this area.  (By the way, I call him a "regular person" because the world is "normal" and we believers are the odd ones.  I believe it is a good odd when it looks like Jesus, but by the rest of the world's standards we are odd nonetheless.)  What is that area?  It is the skill we've developed in the U.S. of remaining ignorant and feeding our minds almost solely on entertainment.  Let me be the first to say (before all of my friends out there expose me for my TV and movie loving self) I'm not against TV, movies, music, or entertainment in general.  I do however wonder if we as a church are spiritually anemic because we would rather watch the latest episode of Dancing with the Stars, Monday Night Football, or <insert your favorite show here> than dig into a book that requires effort to understand and apply, or even over spending time in the very Word of God.  This writer is coming at it from a purely intellectual perspective, but we who trust in Christ have even more reason to turn off the tube from time to time with the goal of not just being better informed, but with the purpose of listening to the Holy Spirit and letting Scripture impact our thinking and desires.  Check out this "rant" and judge for yourself if the writer is making some valid points and if the shoe fits or not.

Deliberately uninformed, relentlessly so