Being an Inheritance

Well Sunday was a great time.  It was awesome to see all of the students out and having a good time.  We had our full band leading worship for the first time this week.  Last week we were short a couple of players so it was the coffee house band, but not this week.  We had full out electric rockin', drum bangin', bass thumpin' goodness.  I think we need some pics for the blog so I'll work on that.

This week the high school group was continuing to break down Eph 1:18-20.  In fact we worked through the idea of being God's inheritance and what that means.  How incredibly valuable God considers His kids to call us His inheritance.  Yeah, pretty awesome.

I think I need to get some guest writers on here as well so you can read about some of the great things happening in The Edge (the Jr High group).  Maybe I can talk one of them into posting something soon.